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What is a cask of whisky worth? Some casks of whisky are worth more than others. There is a lot of factors to consider that we list below. When all of these factors are put together it can give us a better of idea of determining the worth of the cask.

The distillery

The distillery the whisky comes from is the most important contributing factor to the value of the cask.
Certain distilleries have different popularities in different parts of the world for example casks of the Macallan distillery have very high demand in eastern markets such as Hong Kong.
If you own cask from another distiller that’s not as well-known as Macallan don’t worry as this doesn’t mean that the cask may not be as valuable. In our experience the most valuable have come from the following distilleries:

• Macallan
• Bowmore.
• Highland Park.
• Port Ellen.
• Lagavulin.
• Rosebank.
• Springbank.
• Glenfarclas.
• Laphroaig.

The size of cask

The main reason the size of the cask is considered is because Whisky matures quicker in smaller barrels.

Below is a list of capacities of the most commonly used casks:

• Quarter Cask 125 litres.
• American Standard Barrel/Bourbon Barrel 200 litres.
• Standard Hogshead 238 litres.
• Butt 500 litres.

The age of whisky

The age of the whisky is the amount of time that the liquid has spent in the cask. Distilleries can began to bottle the spirit when its over 5 years old. Whisky is typically bottled between 8 – 25 years old.

The type of cask
The type of cask your whisky has been distilled into is an important factor to the “style” of your single malt whisky. The wooden cask adds the flavours and aromas to the whisky.
The main types of cask that are used are:
• Bourbon.
• Burgundy.
• Madeira.
• Port.
• Sherry.
• Ruby.
• Port.
• Barolo.
• Chardonnay.
• Muscat.
• Rum.

  • What distillery is your cask from?

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