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How Do I Sell a Cask of Whisky ?

When helping you to sell your cask of whisky, we aim to achieve two main goals:

• to beat any distillery quotation by a minimum of 20%.
• to ensure the valuation and selling processes are as simple and straightforward as possible.

The Rare Whisky Shop offer a specialist brokerage service for individuals with a cask of whisky. We utilise our expertise and our knowledge of the industry to maximise the profitability of your investment.

When searching for buyers, we use our existing clients located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and China. We also have bidders in western markets such as the USA, Europe and here in the UK. Our buyers normally pay within 7 days after agreeing the sale.

Details required for Cask Valuation.

When beginning the valuation process, there is some essential information we require.

• Remaining bulk litres
• Remaining litres of alcohol
• ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

All of the above information is simple to access as it can be provided by the distillery. This is a quick and easy process known as regauging.
A regauge is the procedure where a distillery measures exactly how much liquid is in your cask. This cost is usually around £25 – £50 per barrel.

As the process advances we may ask you to provide photographs of the cask. These aren’t essential however they can add aesthetic value to your cask which makes it easier to sell.

Part of our certification process will involve verification with the holding distillery.

Accepting our offer

We will be acting as your agent during the valuation process as well as when you sell your cask. You will be asked to review and sign our contract which outlines all of our legal obligations as your agent.

From there, after receiving your signed contract we will then invoice the buyer and agree a payment date. Once these funds have cleared, you can then transfer ownership of the cask to the new owner. After we have received notification from the distillery of proof of ownership, we will electronically release the funds to your nominated bank account.

Step 1 of 2

  • What distillery is your cask from?
  • When was your cask filled ?
  • Hogshead, barrel, butt etc

All deliveries couriered by DHL, FedEx & UPS