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The Rare Whisky Shop offers a platform for owners to sell their cask of whisky. We have buyers ready and in many cases we will be able to find you an offer within 48 hours.
  • Usually we will find a buyer who will beat any distillery buyback quote by a minimum of 50%.
  • We ensure the valuation and selling process is as simple and straightforward as possible.
  • You can choose the value you want for your cask and wait until the right offer comes.
  • It is FREE to list a cask for sale. The buyer’s price will include an agency fee from us.
We are able use our existing whisky contacts throughout the world including clients located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and China. We also have buyers  in western markets such as the USA, Europe and here in the UK.
Find out more by completing the Listing Form and we will be in touch to discuss the next steps.
If you have any questions on the process, you can contact us on our dedicated WhatsApp account: +44 7817 028 635


  • What distillery is your cask from?
Complete the form above with all the details of your cask. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information right now as we will help you complete everything.
We will work with you to establish the market value of your cask and may be able to give an instant indicative offer from our buyers. In most cases we will be able to obtain a value which is a lot higher than the distillery will offer. We will agree your desired price which is the price you will be paid for the cask. We add an agency fee which is included in the listing price that the buyer pays.
You will be required to confirm the Alcohol by Volume percentage (ABV) of the contents in the cask and the Remaining Litres of Alcohol (RLA). Any Buyer will require this information to be up to date so that they know what quantities are in the cask. The Distillery or Warehouse where the cask is stored can provide this for you.
Once we have confirmed the details of your cask we will send you a draft listing for your approval and agreement. This will be the basis of your sale. Once you approve it, we will add the cask to our website and start the sales process.We have many clients who are looking for casks so we may be able to obtain an acceptable offer prior to your listing going live.
Your cask will be listed for sale on our website where we receive thousands of visitors each month. We will also send the listing to our database of whisky buyers. We will create a worldwide Google advert for your cask and add it to social media posts and advertising.
When we receive a suitable offer from a buyer we will contact you to obtain your acceptance.
Both you (as Seller) and the Buyer will agree to the Terms of Sale. The Seller will make payment to us and we will transfer the agreed amount to you once the final steps have been completed.
We will confirm that payment has been received from the buyer and you can then finalise the paperwork to transfer ownership to the new buyer. We can help provide templates of the form required.
The Distillery or Bonded Warehouse will then confirm to you that ownership has transferred to the buyer.
Once the buyer has received confirmation of ownership and has verified the information is correct, we will make the final payment to you.
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All deliveries couriered by DHL, FedEx & UPS