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At the beginning of the valuation process of selling a cask, we require details from a regauge in order to value the cask. This is a very simple process for the distillery and gives all parties involved an indication of the quantity of the whisky inside the cask.


What is a regauge?

Regauging is the process whereby a distillery measures exactly how much liquid remains in the cask.
Why regauging important?
Any offers for your cask of whisky are based on the number of litres of alcohol remaining in the cask
Its estimated that most casks lose around 2% per year through evaporation. Commonly referred to as “angel share”
The amount of whisky that evaporates can depend on the conditions of the warehouse such as lighting and temperature. The quality of the wooden cask is also taken into consideration as higher quality casks tend to lose less alcohol.

How do I get a regauge?

Getting a regauge is a simple process – All you have to do is make a call to the distillery and ask for a regauge.  This is a common procedure for the distillery, they may charge you around £25 per barrel.
What information will the regauge tell me about my cask?
A regauge will give you two vital pieces of information.
  • How many bulk litres of spirit is in the barrel
  • What percentage proof the spirit is – also called ABV (alcohol by volume)

Is the strength of the whisky important?

Once a cask of whisky drops below 40% ABV it can no longer be called whisky.  Casks that are close to this limit are considered a risk and may not obtain a high price. To bring the liquid above 40% ABV it would need to be mixed with other whisky which would reduce the value.

  • What distillery is your cask from?

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