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Dalmore 2007 Whisky Cask – The next level of Whisky Investment?

As some of our readers may be aware, The Rare Whisky Shop has recently had the pleasure of launching an online brokerage service. This endeavour has now developed into us becoming the first whisky retailer to sell entire whisky casks online, side by die with our rare whisky bottles.

The phenomenal Dalmore 2007 presents a unique opportunity to own an entire cask of mature single malt Scotch Whisky. This cask of Dalmore was filled on 21st of May 2007 and is currently maturing in a bonded warehouse in Dumfries & Galloway.

At The Dalmore, the distillers continue an age old heritage that treasures the sanctity of their casks. The luxurious spirit is finessed in exceptional casks, hand selected by Master Distiller, Richard Paterson which are sourced from the world’s finest bodegas and exclusive wineries.

So, why exactly would you want to own a cask of whisky? Believe it or not, there’s a multitude of reasons and if you’ll indulge us we’ll share some of our favourites!

Some people buy casks of whisky to celebrate specific occasion. Imagine owning your own cask and allowing it to mature until it’s time for that special occasion, bottling and labelling the finished gift and placing the bottles of your very own brand of high-quality Scottish whisky to make that special occasion unforgettable.

Do you run your own business? Or know someone who does? Buying a cask of whisky makes the Corporate Gift that can be appreciated for years.  If your business has an upcoming event on the that needs to be honoured in a  special way, why not take pleasure in marking the occasion with a bespoke bottle of whisky for your guests? Let your guests know that this event is so special you just had to create your own uniquely branded gift for them – your very own whisky.

The next reason is just straight up whisky investment. Many whisky lovers are prone to purchasing bottles and selling them on later for profit. Whisky buying and selling are a staple in the culture of whisky. Whisky casks are considered to be the next level of investment. Good returns from whisky maturation have been achieved over many years, the aim of the game is to buy: purchase the cask. Wait: Your whisky matures in the cask, improving with age. And Sell: Sell your whisky and collect your profit.

And perhaps the best reason to own a cask? You will fulfil every whisky connoisseur’s dream of owning their own cask. One of the many great aspects of collecting whisky is that your collection can never truly be complete, as new drams are released or old and rare whisky supplies run out. Most whisky fans will have a large collection of bottles of old and rare whisky from a whole variety of regions and a number of distilleries. Accumulating a prestige collection takes effort. However, whisky connoisseurs know that the effort put into the collection shows their dedication to the whisk culture. The difference is with buying a cask, a small few can claim their collection contains the unique expression of their personal taste in whisky. That it contains their very own whisky.

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