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The Rare Whisky Shop
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A Scottish born company specialising in Old and Rare Whiskies. Using our passion, knowledge and experience in the Whisky industry, we specialise in sourcing the rarest of world whiskies, with a particular focus on Scottish and Japanese bottles.

About us

Our vision. Is quite simply to help customers buy the rare bottles they require, and at market leading prices while providing exceptional customer service.

At The Rare Whisky Shop we are perfectionists when it comes to the stock we hold. We do not sell bottles that we would not want to own in our own personal collections.

Our Team

Our team are Louis, David, Jordan, Sarah and Rachel. We are an equal opportunities employer and a living wage employer.

Our mission

The story of how our company came to be was a bizarre chance meeting of our two directors Louis and David on a train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and involved drinking a few drams from a bottle of Yamazaki 18 (back when it was far cheaper)............ tbc

Our Values

As a growing business we are mindful of our carbon footprint. We are an equal opportunities employer and a living wage employer. We like to humanise the experience you have with us so don’t be surprised if we call you to thank you for your business before shipping your bottle. Customer relationships are extremely important to us and we have long standing relationships with clients who have built up their collections of whisky.

Our premises

Our office is located in the city centre of Glasgow, in the park district. Some of our international customers visit us when they are on their pilgrimage of visiting the whisky distilleries of Scotland which we always appreciate.

If you would like to view a bottle before purchasing, then that’s something that we can do no problem by appointment. This will enable us to get the bottle from our warehouse to our office for viewing.

We hold our stock in a warehouse beside Glasgow airport so it can easily begin it’s journey by plane to wherever the order comes in from.

What do we specialise in?

Selling high end collectable whiskies and with our international shipping experience getting them quickly safely and securely delivered to your door or place of work.

A big part of our business is dealing with clients who task us to find them a specific rare bottle of whisky, this being our brokerage service. We have successfully brokered high end hard to find whiskies and casks of whisky for clients across the globe.

Due to the nature of our business there may only be one or two bottles in the global supply or sometimes no supply whatsoever and we have to check on a weekly basis.

What is our experience?

Louis previously worked for DHL as an account manager. He solely managed the account of Edrington, Diageo, Inverdale, Dewars for a number of years. Louis was responsible for getting their whisky produced in Scotland to suppliers around the world, dealing with both sides.

During this time Louis build up an impressive collection of his own as he had access to some unique bottles and distillery exclusives, some of which he picked up for free as gifts! Louis now deals with the international side of the business with his contacts and suppliers at home and abroad and deals with the sourcing or rare bottles and stock purchasing from suppliers. Favourite day to day whisky Talisker 10.

David’s financial background, published author, follows whisky markets and trends as a hobby. Favourite day to day whisky Glendronach 18!

All deliveries couriered by DHL, FedEx & UPS